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          Well, what's new for March 2018? Basically...everything.

          The website has been moved over to a new server, a new host, and a new webmaster. All the old data was saved, but the page design didn't move over very well and a quick decision was made to start virtually from scratch. Luckily, the data was saved and (with some light editing) has been moved to the new platform.

          Once the website is up and running, and the bugs worked out (if you find any, let us know through the "Contact Us" page!) we will be working on polishing and refining the website a bit more, especially through the online manual.

          We encourage you to check back often, as we hope to keep the website updated with all things modular. Thank you for your interest in BendTrack!
What's New - March 2018
The Original "N"ovative Modular System
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The Original "N"ovative
Modular System
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