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The History Of The Standard
          When most people hear "N-scale Modular Railroad", they instantly assume we must be talking about N-Trak. Thats a reasonable assumption, as N-Trak has been around since 1974. The "BendTrack Standard", by comparison, is a fairly new standard in modular model railroading. The idea was developed in 1986 after viewing an HOn3 display layout which had a single mainline that traversed a section of the layout bench work twice. Once in the foreground at 'ground level', then again across the back of the module, in the opposite direction, at a higher elevation. It was the action of movement in both directions on the same 3 foot wide board that spawned the idea of BendTrack.

          BendTrack has several advantages over it's other modular counterparts, first and foremost being the much more fluid and adaptive nature of our modules and the layouts we create with them. The double track mainline also offers a much more prototypical feel than the N-trak 3-track mainline. The suggested 50" viewing height offers a more realistic view of trains passing closer to eye-level.
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           The BendTrack system was developed as an alternative to other modular systems out there, to let N-scale modellers each make an individual section of track that will connect with others at shows. Aside from the information on this page, you may want to reference the Nov/Dec 1995 N-scale magazine for a full length article or the Nov/Dec 1993 N-Trak newsletter.

          BendTrack wouldn't be the success it is today if it wasn't for the clubs & groups promoting the standard all across North America, and indeed the rest of the world. Please check out the "Groups & Clubs" page to see some of their hard work and dedication. You might even find a nearby group to visit!

          Of course, it must be said that none of this would exist if not for the vision of the two gentlemen who created the standard, and honed their creation into the Modular Standard it is today. It's only fair they receive the recognition they deserve ... so a special "Thank you" to Allen Heimsoth and Jim Hoover.
The Original "N"ovative Modular System
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The Original "N"ovative
Modular System
The History Of The Standard
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