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Welcome To The Home of BendTrack

We appreciate your interest in N-scale Modular Model Railroading!
As you have almost certainly noticed, the website is undergoing a few significant changes. But don't worry ... BendTrack isn't going anywhere! We're reinvesting in the future of the standard, and the future of N-scale Modular Model Railroading. The website has moved to a new host, has a new webmaster and the support of an active BendTrack Group eager to share their knowledge and passion in an effort to advance this great hobby.

The plan to leave the original website online during the transition was unsuccessful ... all the data was salvaged, but the pages themselves were beyond saving. Your patience is greatly appreciated! We're working round the clock (when we're not at work, or model railroading, or sleeping...) to get the new website up and running just as quick as we can. We're sure the wait is going to be worth it, so please keep checking back frequently!
If you have any questions about the BendTrack Standard, or the website upgrades, don't hesitate to get in touch with us: