Model Railroad Tips and Techniques

These are some tips and techniques that in some way may make your Bend Track modules functionally or aesthetically more pleasing. We hope you find something useful here that you haven't though of before.

We would like to encourage you to send us your tips or techniques to include on these pages. Send the text of the tip either as part of your e-mail message or as an enclosure. If you have a figure that you think helps explain the idea better, send it as a JPEG, GIF, or PICT file. If you have it as another file type, we may be able to use it, just tell us the format. If you do not have access or the time to make the figure yourself, include instructions on what you think the figure should look like and we will try to create it. 

Menu of Tips and Techniques


  • Free Layout Space - An idea on how to get some free temporary running space.

  • Recruiting Club Members - An idea on how to recruit potential members for a club.

  • Cleaning - A cheap general cleaning solution

Track laying

  • Using Code 55 - An ingenious way of connecting code 55 track to Atlas code 80.

  • Using Code 55 (2) - Another way of connecting code 55 track to Atlas code 80.

  • Break Away Track - Protect your track work with built in break away sections.

Bench work

  • Curved Bench work - An easy technique to make curved bench work.                          (From the Bend  Track Manual)

  • Sturdier legs and levelers - A technique to make reliable legs

  • Stilts - A technique for raising modules