A Method to Identify Potential Club Members

From: Frank Knight

An interesting idea to help identify people willing to form a club in your location is to advertise it in a home made newsletter. One such individual we know of that did this put information about the Bend Track system in the newsletter to explain what the club was going to do. He also put in a helpful tip or two about modeling. His name and phone was listed encouraging people to contact him to form the club.

Printing up a few dozen copies of an 8 1/5 x 11" piece of paper is inexpensive and something everyone has access to. Then ask local hobby shops if you can leave some on their counter for customers to take. Most hobby shop owners will not only agree, but encourage your efforts to get more people linked up and more actively involved in the hobby. It's good for business.

This was successful and they are now actively working on a series of Bend Track modules.