A Simple Solution for Using ME Flex Track

From: Damian Kostron

Atlas and many other brands of code 80 track has the unfortunate characteristic of appearing toy-like on close inspection. Micro Engineering Code 55 track is more realistic track but because of the joiner track standards, needs to be connected in some manner to a short length of Atlas code 80. One easy and fairly robust method of doing this is to use a rail joiner as a small shelf to solder the Micro Engineering flex track on to. Attach the rail joiner as you usually do to the section of Atlas track. Leave about half the joiner extended beyond the end of the track rails. Rest the Micro Engineering track on top of the extended rail joiner, butted up against the end of the Atlas rail. Then solder the lower part of the ME rail to the rail joiner. Simple as that.

The rail joiner acts as a small shelf that increases the surface area of the joint between the two sections of track. This adds both strength to the connection and allows for better electrical contact.



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