Allen Heimsoth's T-module Farm

Overall View

Overall photo

This photo shows most of the T-module. The farm is in the front. The track curves to make a 90 degree angle at this point. In the upper right of the photo is another 90 degree curve hidden under the hill. To the left is the ridge separating the two scenes and the river below.

The Farm

Having grown up in Nebraska, Allen decided to model a small farm. The rolling hills are typical of eastern Nebraska, and allowed Allen to not only make a ridge to separate the two scenes but to also cover one of the pairs of track so that the whole module conveyed a feeling of mainline track next to open spaces.


F Units Roll By


This photo shows a pair of F units painted in Rock Island colors by Allen. The farm is to the right with just part of the field visible. Allen received extensive help with the scenery from John Sinclair.




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